4 Types

Drug testing, it’s used in sporting events, by the police, at home, and in the workplace. Some of these are extremely effective while others have been easily manipulated. However, not all drug testing is the same. There are several different types of drug testing in use and each one is different.

They each test your body for drugs in different ways, and they each have different lengths of time that they can test four. There are four types of drug tests that are routinely used.

-Urine Test
The first and most popular is a urine test. Urine tests are by far the most popular choice as they are the test most employers will use when considering an applicant for a job.

Uring tests come in many forms. They can be a simple home test that test for one specific drug or advanced system that can accurately determine whether someone has been using nearly any drug you can think of.

Urine tests can accurately test for many drugs within 24 hours after they have been taken and detect some drugs for up to 3-4 weeks after use. Drugs like amphetamines and opiates can only be detected for several days after use, while heavy marijuana use can show up in a test weeks after use.

-Mouth Swab
Mouth swab test work by having the person taking the test put a cotton swab in their mouth. The cotton swab collects the user’s saliva and can determine whether or not they have recently used drugs.

These type of test do not detect drug use over a large amount of time. Mouth swab test to have the added benefit of being able to test for drug use within an hour after ingestion, however, they are only able to tell if someone has used drugs for only 24-48 hours.

-Blood Test
Blood tests are the least common drug test used, usually only in a hospital setting. Since blood tests test for the drug itself and not the chemicals it breaks down to they are the most effective type of test, but also have one of the shortest windows of detection.

With a blood test, the drug is usually out of the system within several hours after the users high have worn off. Because of this even drugs like marijuana that can be detected much longer after use in other types of test will not show up on a test after 24 hours once usage has stopped.

-Hair Follicle
Of all the drug tests, a hair follicle test has the longest window of detection, by far. Honestly, it doesn’t even come close. Follicle tests are done on a piece of hair plucked from the head of the person being tested on. To be as effective as possible the hair is pulled out by the root.

Hair tests are harder to beat than urine tests or mouth swabs and can detect drug use much farther out than a blood test. It does, however, take around one week after use before the drugs can be detected. On the other hand, drugs can be detected in a hair follicle test for up to 90 days or longer.

There are a lot of different tests on the market, and some are better than others. All of them, however, have their own specific uses.