Trusted Resources: P Brookes

P Brookes is your trusted resource for online tools for a variety of occupations. We cover education, numerous trades (e.g. carpentry, operations and maintenance, and other construction-related trades), information technology (e.g. website design, SEO, etc), health care (e.g. dental, hearing, general medical, etc), and more.

We compile information and tips, and put the subject matter in a format that is geared towards the goal of being 1) easy for readers and consumers to locate, 2) uncomplicated in nature (that is, using layman’s terminology when possible, versus industry-specific technical terms), and 3) relatively simple to implement.

In the event that a process is more difficult or takes a certain expertise that readers may not find comfortable to implement on their own, we will be offering guidance on where to locate the assistance that may be necessary. That’s pretty much the plan, so come back and visit us again soon!